Really nice, perfect fit.
N. NGUYEN March 16, 2015
LOVE this product. Was easy to install, FAST shipping.
J. Crockett March 16, 2015
Prompt delivery, item as described..works!
J. Ives March 16, 2015
Worth it.
This item works. I received it last night, and this morning, so help me, I was rearended at a traffic light. My purse stayed put.

I ordered this after one too many trips with passengers’ feet on my purse. It is tricky on my car (2013 Kia Optima) to close the console when it is installed because of how my console is designed. There is no gap at the console’s hinge, so I have to loosen the clasp on the Car Caché until the strings are long enough for the clasp to reach to the storage area of the console. Once the console is closed, there is no problem, and I’m already getting the hang of pulling the strings and closing the console in one easy movement. I may end up duck-taping the clasp at the right place on the underside of the console lid. My seats are black and grey, and the height of the Caché just matches the line of black across the back seat. Nice. If possible, I would give this 4.5 stars only because it doesn’t quite work perfectly with my console.

VKI March 11, 2015
Great product.
Simple and effective! No more spilled purses! No more juggling of purse when passengers in car! Easy to access. Great product!
Heather March 11, 2015
This net is really great! I was getting tired of my purse falling into the backseat when I had a passenger in my car. It is of great quality and really works:)
Buffy March 10, 2015
So glad I decided to purchase the Car Caché, what a concept!!!
Stumbled across the Car Caché while looking for a change holder for my new vehicle. It looked like the perfect solution for my handbag that really didn’t have its place in my car. When I was driving it was on the passenger seat, when I had a passenger it was on the back seat floor and when I was the passenger it was on the floor by my feet or in my lap due to the wet floor from the winter weather. I must say I couldn’t be happier with this product! It does exactly what it is supposed to do! My purse is out of the way but super easy to access if I need something from it. I must say I did have to “think” about purchasing it due to the cost but now that I have had it for a few days it was well worth it!
J. Gates March 10, 2015
I adore this product.
Gillian March 04, 2015
Five Stars
Perfect for every car so your purse is not on the floor getting dirty.
asha kawamoto March 03, 2015