A great solution for where to keep you purse in your car.
I got a new car and found that I have no place for my purse when my husband or anyone else was in the car other than on the back floor board. This totally solves the problem of where to have my purse and keeps it securely on the back edge of the console box out of the way. It also keeps the dog from climbing over from the back seat when in the car (she is 70 lbs so you don’t want her up front). I like the product so much that I will be ordering a second one for my husbands truck, and have sent the Amazon page to my daughter so she can order one for herself. I also like that it is from a U.S. seller and arrived quite quickly. It is quality made. Thank you.
M. Mullis March 19, 2015
This is very helpful. I hate putting my good leather purses on the floor or out of reach. My car has black dash and floors but beige leather.. and this looks fine. It is so practical when you often have kids jumping in and out.. or your hubby sits up front! 🙂
I really like it. Fit in my Honda CRV just fine and holds my big big bag fine.
Anne of Green Gables March 18, 2015
I LOVE the Car Caché Car Purse Storage. This will be my go to gift to my mommy friends!
Tiffany Miller March 17, 2015
But this is AWESOME.
Make sure to watch how to position your purse or bag when they are bigger. But this is AWESOME.
P. Torres March 18, 2015
Handy item
EVA LISCO March 17, 2015
Michele Wehinger March 17, 2015
Really great product and very fast service. I really like this to hold a purse, etc.
R. Bazarnic March 17, 2015
I love it and it works great. Actually better than I thought.
S. Konzem March 17, 2015

Amazing Product for any woman with a purse who rides (or drives) in an automobile! For the hundreth time, my purse went flying off the console in between the two SUV seats and I said to my husband that someone needs to invent something that would hold a purse somewhere in a car/SUV that would be out of the way and not spill out or fall into the back seat. He agreed. The next day I went online and typed in the words, Something to hold/store purse in car. This Car Caché (purse storage organizer) came up through Amazon. I took a chance and purchased it. Received it last week, easily installed it in the car and violá…no more problems. My purse stays right by my side and the passenger seat is available for…well, a passenger. I will now order one for the SUV. So happy someone had the foresight to create this product. Thanks!

Carol A. Dawson “EEO GUIDANCE” March 16, 2015