Amazing! Love it!
My purse is large and at the very least, this product prevents it from sliding into the back seat. I have already recommended it to multiple friends!
Aubrey Smith March 26, 2015
Thanks for creating such an amazing product.
I think every car should have a Car Caché – not just for convenience but for safety – although, I have to admit, the convenience is what sold me. Living in Canada with 9 months of slushy, snowy weather, the floor of the passenger seat is my least favorite place to store my purse. I have given this amazing little genius product to so many – and everyone loves them. Best wishes on your continued success.
Flora March 25, 2015
New SUV? No place for your purse? This is the answer.
Great invention for women who have bought new expensive SUVs only to find they don’t have a center console that will hold their purses.
This works great. you should mention that the product also comes in tan (not just black), although you do not list it. It is on the vendor’s website. For people with beige or tan interior upholstery, the tan is better than black.
William E. Lynch March 25, 2015
Safely keeps my purse at hand, but out of the way
This is a great little invention! Every time I get in my car and toss my purse onto the console, knowing it’s going to stay right there, I mentally thank whoever came up with the Car Caché Car Purse Storage!!
Scottie Pritchard March 25, 2015
Wife absolutely loves it.
Excellent quality product. High quality materials and workmanship. Wife absolutely loves it. No more reaching behind the seat or into passenger side to get her purse. Easy to install and remove when not needed.
AC March 24, 2015
Great item
Very useful. No more purse flying off the passenger side seat.
Sylvia S March 24, 2015
Really simple and effective!
Susan Steigerwald March 19, 2015
I think it’s actually quite brilliant.
When I first saw this I thought it might be a little silly. However now that I’ve had a chance to use it, I think it’s actually quite brilliant. In lieu of my purse and all the contents flinging into the floor upon sudden stops, my purse sits nicely on the console. Plus I don’t have to rearrange everything when someone rides with me. Ahhh efficiency is a beautiful thing! Quality product and arrived lighting fast. Easy install.
KanDoGirl March 18, 2015
love it
sassysue March 18, 2015