A smart solution for a common problem
I hated that my purse always ended up on the floor of my car. This invention put my purse within my reach and off of the floor. I love it!
GM April 07, 2015
I love this little accessory
I bought one for my car so that I would have a convenient place to stash my purse while driving. I liked it so much that I bought one for my friend when her birthday rolled around. It is very easy to install and is adjustable to fit different types of cars.
MyrnaH April 03, 2015
This thing is so great! I really needed something like this and use it daily. Would not be good for a really small item/purse but not a problem for me.
Kristin A. Ploetz April 03, 2015
I love mine too!! Works great…..
Lisa Walls Volna April 01, 2015
Works Beautifully
When I opened it, I didn’t have much hope, but once installed between the seats, WOW. Just perfect. Holds my purse, it’s out of the way, does not interfere with the console or opening the lid. Seems a bit overpriced, but it works beautifully!
Rob April 01, 2015
Kudos to Catherine Seifert the inventor of this very clever yet simple device! If you have pricey pocketbook and a car this is a must. As stated in the instructions takes all of three minutes to attach. I was always throwing my pocketbooks on the floor where people would step on them or throw them in the back seat. No more since I bought this item. Now sits right next to me.
P. McDermott April 01, 2015
It works!
Excellent idea, works, keeps purse from sliding to the floor.
jgi April 01, 2015
Works great!
Great invention! Just what I needed for my purse. With my kids in the car I did not have anywhere to put my purse without them stepping on it! Getting one for my mom too!
Justin P Davis April 01, 2015
I love this item! Genius idea!
I only wish I knew this existed sooner. I love that my pocketbook is no longer on the dirty floor. It doesn’t take any space away from anyone seated in the back seat either.
Linkochan Wright April 01, 2015