I just got mine in the mail last week… LOVE IT!
Bev Moore January 09, 2014
Best idea ever!!!
The Car Caché is an amazingly simple yet totally effective product! I can’t believe how awesome this product is for keeping my purse contained in one space, off the passenger seat, off the floor board, and within reach when needed. I love that the product blends in with my car interior too! So easy to install. I use this daily over and over again with all of my carpooling, etc. Just so great!!
Samantha Pregenzer January 08, 2014
“This is the greatest invention! Finally a great spot for a purse! I can grab items from my purse without my purse spilling over! My purse no longer gets in the way of my kid’s feet!! I always use to say their must not be any women in the marketing department at the Car Manufactures because there is absolutely no where to put a purse! Now there is Thanks to Cathy’s Car Caché!!”
Jane Berger Betz January 07, 2014
LOVE my Car Caché!!!
I have one in my car and use it every day. My husband just got a new car and I drove it today…I couldn’t believe how much I missed having the Car Caché. My handbag was on the floor in all of the slush from the snow! I will be installing one in his car tomorrow!! Great product!
Mark L. Tulley February 22, 2014
Just installed mine and love it! Best present I got all year.
Carolyn January 02, 2014
We Canadians love the Car Cache! We are definitely passing on the love! We are so happy to keep our bags off the slushy dirty floors of our vehicles. You are simply a genius.
Flora January 02, 2014
I can’t say enough about this product. I have it in my van and keep my tablet, bible and purse in it. I do not have the locking console but was still able to get it installed. The top clicks easily on the posts for the headrests and the draw string cinches up tightly creating a basket of mesh. I loop the draw string over the passenger arm rest and slipped to the back so it wasn’t in the way. Works great! Stops the flying purse and other items when you have to make sudden stops.
SimplySherryl December 27, 2013
This IS pretty brilliant! I was just telling my son the other day how I wished I had a hook of some sort to hang my purse in the car to keep it in easy reach. This is a thousand times better of an idea. Excellent invention!
Lori Barber December 24, 2013
Wonderful invention, I am so happy to finally have my purse in a location away from my kids feet. This is perfect especially for those of us who spend a lot of money on our purses and you don’t want to lay it down on the dirty floor or on the passenger seat for someone to sit on and smush. It is also great for those of us who have to dig for our kids toys that are in the bottom of our purse while driving because they are having a hissy fit. All you have to do is reach to the side and their your purse is in a accessible location.
You won’t be disappointed.
Sheryl December 19, 2013