The best product for the CAR!!!
This is one of those products that must be in every “woman’s car” I take my purse with me where I ever I go, and I like to keep it clean. However I live in Chicago and the floor mats are always gross, and the kids make a mess on the seats with their snacks, so the only safe place for my purse is in the “arms” of the Car Caché. Easy to install, and more important, kept out of the way, but close enough if I need to grab anything. Another great reason to buy is for safety reasons! No longer are you driving and searching for something in your purse on the floor!

Get one, and you will be just as happy as I am! promise!

thenextbigzing February 22, 2014
Absolutely one of the best inventions I’ve ever tried!!!
A must for every busy Mom!! No more teenagers giant feet all over my bags on the floor of the car. So easy to install. I have purchased a few for gifts and will be back for more.
Carol Clement February 22, 2014
A great, yet seemingly simple, solution to the ridiculous and dangerous hassle of my purse/cell phone whereabouts while driving. If you know where your phone is in your purse, and your purse is within reach…then, the result is ‘no more fumbling around’ while driving. (It is especially helpful in the dark to not look for the lit-up phone while concentrating on traffic!!) Obviously, it could be beneficial to men as well, with wallets, keys/fob, gloves, phone, etc. And, a diaper bag within safe reach is a must for mothers, too!
Thanks, Car Caché, for a sensible answer to an age-old problem…= SOLVED!
Holly H. Von Lehman February 22, 2014
My husband was forever complaining in my car about 1) lack of elbow room with my huge purse atop the center console, and/or 2) lack of foot room with same huge purse in the passenger side floorboard. Now this bag — the purse, not the hubs — chills in the sling of the Car Caché, and everything I need is in reach, and out of the passenger’s way! Really appreciate this invention. I know it will double as a barrier to our excitable dogs when they’re riding with us, too.
Celia L Stephens February 22, 2014
Innovative solution to utilize the unusable space in your car!!!
The Car Caché is the most useful product I have purchased for my car. It makes unusable space completely usable. We now have a central storage area for sports bags, purses, and shopping bags. This product not only makes use of the dead space between the front seats, it also keeps the car organized. We no longer have to have the discussions about where, and where not, to put the volleyball, softball gloves, sports bags, or backpacks – they go right in to the Car Caché. Thank you car cache for making my life easier!
Maureen Schaller February 22, 2014
The Car Caché was so easy to install. And now my passenger doesn’t have to have my handbag at their feet or on their lap!
Cheri Wittler February 22, 2014
This is one of the best gifts I have ever given to MYSELF! I love it that my handbag has a place to rest and is not falling on the dirty floor of my car!!
Linda Pierce February 22, 2014
No more purse spills! This product is the quintessential problem solver for that “flying purse! I just ordered 4 more today to give as gifts to other women in my family for their birthdays! It is a convenient safety feature, easily installed and remains stable and fixed in position. No more scooping pens and lipstick up from the floor of the car after turning a corner….I concur that the customer service offered is excellent and thank Catherine Seifert for making this product available. I affirm the other positive reviews above. I hope you will become a happy owner of a Car Caché!
Brenda K February 04, 2014
When I had to switch cars with my husband, I missed my Car Caché physically! It had created such a secure physical presence in my car environment-I knew where to put my purse, I knew where it was at all times. I couldn’t believe how much I could actually “feel” it missing and how insecure it felt to have to toss my purse in a seat, back seat or on the floor. Yikes!!

Beautifully made, easy to use and a great addition as much as an addiction!
Love it!!! Now in both cars!

Peggy Joseph February 22, 2014