I love it!
It is so easy to install and use. I can even access items in my purse safely and I don’t that my purse will move all over the passenger seat or the footwell in a sharp turn. Thank you!
Nicole Toms February 27, 2014
Awesome, I love it!
I recently bought a Ford Edge and though I love the car, I hated that I had no where convenient to put my purse without it flying all over and potentially dumping over, or putting it on the floor, out of reach. THIS IS AWESOME! I LOVE IT! and I can’t say enough about how convenient it is. I smile every time i get in the car and toss my purse in this…it’s out of the way while driving but still so easy to access. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone who has a closed high console. By the way, I always read reviews but I have never written one until now. I just LOVE it!
Lisa Cochran February 26, 2014
Holds more than just a purse!
This thing is incredibly useful. We were eating dinner on the road and I had an open bag of chips and an open box of crackers for the kids in the back seat and they could reach up and help themselves. Very cool. Love this thing. I’ll be giving them as Christmas gifts this year for sure.
Sally McNally February 25, 2014
This is seriously such a great invention.
You are only 4 months old? And we now have seven Car Cachés? I am doing my best to spread the word up in the frozen north.
Flora Spackman February 25, 2014
Love My Car Cache
The Car Cache is the best invention ever! Before getting my Car Cache I always put my purse in the passenger seat…convenient but still out of reach while driving. If someone was in the passenger seat I had to put it between driver door and seat….that was usually a mistake because I would sometimes forget and open the door and my purse (sometimes it’s contents) would fall out or I would put it on the floor which is pretty disgusting when you think about it. Now with my Car Cache I don’t have to worry about where it is going and I have easy access to whatever I need and it looks good too! I’m actually thinking about getting another Car Cache for my husband’s car…..in fact, every car should have one! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Kathy Yelton February 22, 2014
Eliminates Distractions
I read where a woman stated the insurance companies should be giving discounts for people that use the Car Caché – I 100% agree. This product has removed just about all distractions that usually occur by having my purse loose in the car. It’s been a lifesaver for me – Great invention!
Lisa Bambach February 22, 2014
Perfect for college students!
I’m a sophmore in college and I constantly am running around between school and two jobs the Car Caché is perfect for women like me! I’m able to keep my car nice and organized as well as not worry about my purse flying across the passenger seat of my car. I’m so very excited to share with my friends this product! I got one during the holiday season and my mother was very jealous so I’ll be sure to get her one asap! If you don’t have a Car Caché in your car get one now!!
Katherine Smith February 22, 2014
Perfect solution for your purse, especially larger styles
The Car Caché has been so helpful for me to keep my large tote off the passenger seat. When travelling to a client meeting I can put my purse/tote and a notebook in the Car Caché which keeps my passenger seat free and my car looking neat and organized. Also it is stylish in that the tan color blends in with my Jaguar’s car interior.
I love it.
Cheryl Stamm February 22, 2014
Keeps my purse clean and out of the way
With 2 large dogs and a teenaged son, I have my share of clutter and dirt in my car. Car Caché keeps my expensive handbag tucked neatly away and accessible to me, but out of the way of my rambunctious Labrador Retrievers. I just place my bag in my Car Caché and forget about it until I am at my destination. It’s made my life easier and less stressful, and I feel more organized. I think Car Caché helps drivers keep their mind on the road, and not on the makeup and other items spilling onto the dirty car floor because their handbag has tipped over (this has happened to me countless times). I recommend Car Caché to busy women everywhere who want to save their purses and their sanity!
Aimee Kunau February 22, 2014