I love it love it love it.
I almost want to order another one just in case this one breaks. Its very durable though. my purse just sits there and does not budge and its with in my arms reach. It doesnt even look bad like I thought it would.It looks like it was part of my car.
A Ousley March 24, 2014
Good purchase
Does exactly what it says it does. Very happy with this purchase. I use it every day. Very pleased with it.
Tanya Villarreal March 19, 2014
Best idea I’ve seen in a long time!
I’ve been using the Car Caché for about two weeks now and absolutely love it! I live in my car and constantly have things on the passenger seat (purse, papers, etc). But when someone needs to sit there, I find myself grabbing what is there and quickly trying to find someplace to put it so that it will still be in reach yet won’t get smashed or stepped on. The Car Caché is that solution. It’s a handy place to put things that is not on the floor, not on a seat, but out of the way and in reach. It only took a minute or two to install and can hold big items and smaller things. When I put things there, they stay put. Everyone who gets in my car and sees it, wants one too. This is a great product. it creates a storage space in what was previously dead space in my car and keeps things handy yet not in the way. I highly recommend it.
Joyce Vogt March 10, 2014
This review is from: Car Caché Car Purse Storage / Organizer Black
I love mine! My purse is no longer sliding out of the seat (and dumping!) or on the floor. My older children never look, they just get in the car and end up stepping on my purse if it’s in the floorboard! I love the fact that I can also reach over it to the seat behind me to hand the little one a toy or drink. It does not cover up the rear controls either on my Acadia.
Wish I would’ve had this whenever I had a smaller car. But definitely enjoying it now!! Makes car life much easier and more organized!
Sarah March 10, 2014
I will be buying one of the Car Caché for my Wife. I buy her a new purse every six months just to show her how special she is, but when it comes to where to put it in the car it turns into an argument. She likes to set it on the center console when she drives. I like to rest my arm there, so I throw it on the floor or the back seat. She stresses to me that she needs ease of access to her purse contents as well as not ruining it on the floor or dumping off the seat and I stress back that I need a place to put my arm comfortably and that it is not the place to put it as it could fall into her lap while driving. I think the Car Caché will be the answer to STOP the FIGHT! Thank you for your clever invention. Happy Man
Michael March 06, 2014
The Car Caché is pure genius!
I first saw the Car Caché on Pinterest and after viewing the demo video, knew it was going to be the answer to my handbag woes. I wasn’t able to purchase one through Amazon as I live in Australia. So I tracked down the Car Cache website and contacted the very helpful inventor Catherine. She personally mailed it to me and I certainly haven’t been disappointed. No longer are my handbags getting squished and sullied under the feet of my eldest son. My bag is in easy reach if I need anything and there’s no more bending to retrieve it from the floor of the car. An unexpected bonus, is it also keeps my boys from crossing over from the back seats to the front seats when I park the car. For some unfathomable reason they can’t wait for each other to get out of the car so make a quick exit through the front passenger door. This has stumped them! I have bought one for my sister-in-law as I know she’ll love it too. Every woman needs one of these brilliant products, it makes ones driving experience so much more pleasant. I can’t recommend the Car Caché highly enough.

It’s a product that deserves to be in every car.

Danielle Moore March 02, 2014
Side Opening Console- It Can Still Work!
When I saw this product, I LOVED the idea of a place to keep my purse besides the floor or seat. I have teenagers and when they ride with me they want to sit in the passenger seat and will throw my purse on the floor. The problem was that my Suburban has a side opening console. I knew that this would be a great solution for me. I just had to figure out HOW! As soon as I received my Car Caché, I installed it using Command hooks. I bought the 1lb general purpose utility hooks. I placed them in my console upside down- one on each side. At first I used a very lightweight purse, but have upsized my bag a couple of weeks ago. I have been using my Car Caché for over a month now and it is working beautifully! I LOVE the convenience of having my purse nearby yet out of the way. This is a wonderful product. Everyone that carries a bag needs one! I sent pictures of how I installed this to the company & they posted it on their Facebook page – if you want to check it out! Thank you, Car Caché!
Zauria March 01, 2014
Great and necessary product
This product is so long overdue, the Car Caché prevents my purse from flying into unreachable places of my car. This product allows accessibility of my items and I assembled the Car Caché under 5 minutes and was able to enjoy my Car Caché right away!
Beverly Clayton March 01, 2014
I am ordering more caches from Amazon for my sisters. I am a big supporter and wanted to let you know that my one sister who has everything clapped her hands when she saw this!
I hope to see you on Ellen!
Linda M. February 28, 2014