Great idea!
I really like this product. It does exactly what it is supposed to do. The only issue I have is getting it installed tightly enough to keep from blocking the backseat vents. Since the fabric is mesh, it really isn’t a big issue, though. The air still gets through.
SMH452 May 27, 2014
This is an invention that I am personally applauding. Congrats to the patent owner of this product. For years I have been saying that car companies need to invent/install a gadget or accessory in cars designed with women in mind. I love my Car Caché. When will it be available in different colours. I would buy one for every friend of mine
Fantastic and Finally!
Trini Rachel May 26, 2014
Absolutey love this invention!
This is the best common sense purchase I’ve ever made. Keeps my purse close to me, yet out of my way and my passenger’s way.
Love it and highly recommend it!
Janice Auxt May 27, 2014
Thumbs Up!
I have the Car Caché in my car. It’s wonderful! I have a huge purse full of all manner of stuff. Previously, it was either on the seat or taking up foot-space. Either way, no one would sit in the front seat when I drove. Now people can sit beside me while my purse rides in its own place! Not only that, I no longer have stuff falling out and rolling all over the car.
Lisa Ray May 23, 2014
Works great
This is quite the great little item. I always have problems of where to put my purse especially when I have someone in my car with me. This works great, I can put it on the console and my passenger isn’t able to knock it to the floor. Works great for me.
Kathleen Weber May 21, 2014
Amazon Buyers of the Car Cache – Comments they wrote to Amazon:

I love this product. Works perfectly! Not only does it keep my purse right next to me, it’s not in the way of me or passengers. Common sense item, love it.”

“***Super Fast Shipping, Just as described..LOVE IT!!!!****”

“Works Great! I love not having my purse on the floor being trampled by my kids’ feet! It stays safely tucked between the seats – out of everyone’s way, but convenient when I need to grab something out of it.”

“Love it!“

“The item arrived much quicker than expected. What a great surprise!

Awesome Amazon Reviews May 14, 2014
Perfect! love this. My purse was always in the way when someone was sitting in the passenger seat. This is the best solution! Very easy to install. Open your center console slip the bottom cord over the console and just slide it to the back where the hinges for the console are. Close the console. There are hooks that just snap on the headrest poles. I don’t know what they are called, but you hook one strap on the passenger side headrest and the other strap on the drivers headrest. The straps go behind the seat. Behind the console is now a little sling for your purse. I just put my purse on the console and with my elbow push is out of the way. When I need Lip gloss or my wallet or phone I just reach a little further back everything is still within reach. Now I don’t have to wrestle with my purse to keep it from falling.
M. Thibodeaux May 14, 2014
This Car Caché works like it is suppose to. It gets purse off floor and leaves passenger seat free for passenger use. I hate to put my hand bag in the back seat. So this works real well. My hand bags are large and there is plenty of room for them. Great job lafies.
Jo Anne Spooner May 14, 2014
I love my Car Caché, my neck and shoulder no longer hurt! How many times while you are driving do you reach back for your purse? I realized last night that having the Car Caché my neck and should was not hurting. These should be sold in Chiropractors offices. This is a must give “gift” for Mother’s day. Don’t forget Dad, they are reaching all over the car while driving for their cell phone, wallet, and appointment book. I purchased 12 to give as gifts to clients. I own Valet Coffee and think giving gifts to say thank you is very important. Thank you for inventing something so useful, so needed and so affordable! Loving my Car Caché,
Marilynn Ritter
Valet Coffee
Marilynn Ritter, Valet Coffee May 14, 2014