Wish I had invented this!
I love having my purse in reach. When I’m not using it, my daughter thinks it’s a great spot for her stuffed animal to ride or for her snack to be stored.
Lynda Grossman August 13, 2014
I have one and love love love it!
Jennifer Kennedy August 12, 2014
Friends, do yourself a favor and order a Car Caché. It’s so great for your purse.
Jill H. August 12, 2014
My first thought was how stupid, but then I was like oh man that’s genius !
Allison LiBengood August 12, 2014
Still loving mine.
Was great on our drive to Myrtle Beach last week. Held a lot more than just my purse.
Janet Pace August 12, 2014
Very happy with purchase. Thank you for fast shipping.
Reyna August 11, 2014
Good purse storage solution
My wife’s purse storage situation has been solved by this simple product.
SPAMFriedRice August 11, 2014
So HAPPY I purchased this item!
Even my husband thought it was a good purchase. I no longer have to worry about my purse falling over , etc. Would definitely recommend!
Jessica Todd August 11, 2014
I received my order today of a purse sling, It is wonderful. Easy to install.
Mary August 11, 2014