It is wonderful!
Seriously, wonderful wonderful wonderful!
Stacy August 23, 2014
Wonderful product!!!
I am thrilled with the Car Caché. It is essentially a hammock for your purse. Ladies ~ you will never want to drive without a Car Caché again! It is a wonderful product. It keeps my purse safely between the front seats and extremely accessible. I went on a long road trip recently whereby I used it for several purposes: 1) my purse — I could reach in and grab snacks for my children in the back seat and then hand them back to them in the back seat. No more bending over to reach my purse that was sitting on the floorboard. 2) to hold food bags or game pieces when we were playing a game (driver was not playing the game of course)

It was so useful and my husband and I were definitely pleased we had in on hand during our road trip. I am looking forward to using it more. Very ingenious and extremely versatile. I think the biggest selling point is how safe it is. I can’t tell you how much I reach in my purse — usually at a stop light, but still. I reach in for chapstick, for something for my child, maybe to grab my wallet as I am approaching a store or bank. Now I can just reach in next to my seat and it makes my life so much easier and safer!

S. Meade August 23, 2014
A very handy accessory in my car to hold my purse close by.
No more fumbling with a spilled purse on the car floor !!!
Jeansie August 23, 2014
Works on a BMW X6
I have a BMW X6 2012. I love this idea. I put my purse in place and I can get in the box and rest my elbow while another passenger can sit in the seat! I had to rig a little since the box opens with a “SPLIT” design. I still was able to use it with a little bit of the string in the box but so far it has not bugged me and the purse stays put.
Jen H August 21, 2014
This is actually a cool item; provides more space in my car and allows me a place to put my purse when I have a passenger in the front seat.
C. Stone August 19, 2014
I love it. It works very well. I will tell everyone about it. Thank you for making it.
Guylene August 18, 2014
Excellent service, quick delivery and product exactly as described.
P Healy August 18, 2014
As soon as I heard about this product, I bought it!! Such perfection and the best product in market. When anyone gets in my car, I immediately start my Car Caché infommercial (yes I have my own). I recommend this product for everyone, especially our new young drivers. This product will help keep their purse within reach so they can focus on the road.
Nafeisa August 18, 2014
Genius! Wish I had one a long time ago!
Genius! Such a simple thing….but oh so helpful! It’s so nice to not have to throw my purse in the back seat or on the floor. I drive a stick shift so having a clear center console for my shifting arm is important. This perfectly holds it close while keeping it out of the way of my elbows while driving. I wish I had known about it sooner!
Kailey August 15, 2014