Very good. Used to hold my mother’s purse.
Mario Rodriguez September 25, 2014
Changed my entire driving experience.
Why didn’t I think of this.
Gillian September 23, 2014
Love It!
Easy to install – works great. No longer trying to figure out where to put my purse.
Tina Hoffmann September 23, 2014
The Best Purse Cargo!!!!!
I really love this for my car. I have a convertible and this is a great way 2 know where your purse is at all times. Greatly recommend this product if you are tired of your purse flying all over the front seat of your car. Also there is still room to rest another purse and/or arms on the rest.
Jeff S Lee September 22, 2014
Simple, elegant solution. Works great.
Genius! This simple solution keeps my purse off the passenger seat or floor. It’s not in the way of my elbow or back seat passengers. Not noticeable when no in use. It is great to find a product that does exactly what is needed in such a simple fashion.
Joyce Becwar September 15, 2014
Thank you!
K Thornsberry September 15, 2014
My wife loves it. Works great
B. Moran September 15, 2014
Received the item on time and in good condition. Good product.
M. Garrett September 13, 2014
Very nice product!
Works great and looks very nice too.
wayinhawaii September 13, 2014