I recently got one and I love it. It’s so much better than throwing your purse on the backseat or on the floor and trying to reach back for it. Love it!!!
Janice Chaney December 15, 2014
This is a seriously amazing invention.
We have one in each of our vehicles and we have given them to our children. I’m always so bummed when I get in a rental car and there isn’t a Car Caché. (I know – I could take one with me, but I never remember – and honestly, I’m afraid I’ll leave it in the rental car.)
F. Spackman October 13, 2014
Great product, great service.
R. Solit October 13, 2014
Great product. She loves it!
H. Hardin October 13, 2014
I thank the heavens for this!
Once I figured out how to use this, I was in love with it forever (I didn’t get my first one on Amazon and the little pictures that came with it almost but not quite made it clear. But on Amazon you see clearly how to use it. I have a huge, heavy purse. I also carry a laptop, an iPad mini, a sweater and bottled water when I drive. And a lap desk on the floor. All of a sudden I have lots more room. So far, my purse hasn’t slid forward if I brake suddenly. It’s heavy and I push it way back against the net. I never thought of putting it horizontal, like in the pictures. I have it so it’s length is parallel to me. I still have room on top of the console. I understand, from reading reviews, that it doesn’t work with some consoles. Maybe someone will post an update to a fix for that. Bungee cords? I know I’d try to figure it out, since it is so rewarding not to have your purse sliding around on the passenger seat or stuck on the floor, not to mention it being harder to reach to just grab your lip gloss or your phone. Customer service on this product is great. They have a Facebook page. I just wish it came in more than two colors. I want red! Meanwhile, every day I drive I thank the heavens for this.
Amy Duluth October 09, 2014
Perfect! Exactly what I needed and expected!
Amazon Customer Rumson NJ October 06, 2014
An Ingenious Idea and Product
This Car Caché fills a very important need — keeps your purse in place on the middle divider, needed especially when you have others riding in the car with you. I never liked putting my purse on the floor next to the passenger, so I usually put it on the back seat, which was awkward. Now, my purse is easily accessible, but I don’t usually use it unless I have other passengers riding with me because it’s just as easy to throw it on the seat next to me. It was easy to install and seems to be made well.
Kathleen L. Reese September 29, 2014
It works great on the Toyota Matrix!
MUHAMMAD SAMIR September 27, 2014
I FINALLY installed this in my …I’ve put it in my car and it’s EPIC! I think the instruction sheet should be bigger. But I’m getting these for Christmas presents for all my girlfriends. How could you NOT appreciate this! My passenger seat is free now for all my in-car-office stuff!”
Libby Clarke Ames September 27, 2014