Where has this been all my life?
It’s fully adjustable and high quality.
L. Neville November 15, 2014
Such a great invention!
I can’t tell you how may times my purse has fallen off my front passenger seat and spilled all over the place. Now I place my purse on my Car Caché and it’s always secure and always easily available. Even when I stop suddenly it doesn’t move. I highly recommend this item.
Janet Reder November 15, 2014
I love it!
Keeps my purse out of the way and off the floor of the car. I can reach my purse whenever I need it and I don’t have it under my feet and in the way anymore. I love it.
Sharon M Cummings November 11, 2014
Fit great in my car!
No issues with fit. You need a Console people to attach the bottom strap to for it to work.
L. Marston November 08, 2014
Wish I had this long ago!
CP November 04, 2014
Possibly the best item I have ever purchased.I have been fighting with my purse in the passenger seat for as long as I’ve been driving. It would fly everywhere on turns, hills, short stops, etc. I had nowhere to put it if I had a passenger in the car. I used to seatbelt it into the passenger seat, which barely worked. Then I got the hangers, which dug into my mom’s neck when she was a passenger in the car.THIS IS THE PERFECT SOLUTION. Took 15sec to clip on and it holds 4 different sized bags securely. Everyone is getting these for Christmas!
Jennifer November 07, 2014
I LOVE this!!!! No more kids telling me to get my purse off the seat! Works perfectly!
Tiffany Raugust October 29, 2014
Love it! holds my purse close and I don’t have to worry about it falling into the back seat!
Triciatx October 28, 2014
Pretty clever gadget. It was easy to attach and holds my purse perfectly!
P. Hastings October 28, 2014