I’ve had mine for 6 months and I love it.
Joey Corwin November 25, 2014
Best Car Accessory for Women!
I just wish I had thought of this first! it’s amazing. Check out the youtube video … the inventor shows how to install it and (at least for me) made it easier to understand why/how it works so well.
p1mkw November 24, 2014
Love it!
Works great! Now I don’t have to throw my purse on the floorboard or on the other seat.
Trailsboop November 24, 2014
A woman invented this one and it’s awesome!
Maria Morris “Nambrena” November 22, 2014
Was easy to install and is unobtrusive
Whoever invented this is pure genius. It works perfectly in my Honda Odyssey; fits securely, was easy to install and is unobtrusive. One slight drawback is that it hangs over the back seat cup holders on the Odyssey, but with a dozen more cup holders throughout the van its a small inconvenience. This is exactly what I was looking for to keep my purse off the floor and out of the passenger seat.
Nancy Marak November 19, 2014
This simply ingenious product has solved a long time annoyance in my life! No more spilled contents, reaching behind my seat, or forcing the kids/passengers to hold my purse. I wish I had this years ago. Just about everyone I know is getting one of these for Christmas!
arlene p. November 19, 2014
Good deal. Thanks
Ngejung November 17, 2014
Great product!
R. Clement November 17, 2014
Best Car Accessory Ever. And It’s a Great Gift Idea too!
A dear friend gave me a Car Caché as a birthday gift. I am in and out of my car all day long and never knew where my purse was going to land. Sometimes it was on the front seat or front seat floor, sometimes it was on the back seat floor and sometimes it was all the way in the back of my SUV…totally out of reach. I love the convenience and knowing exactly where my purse it at all times. My husband saw mine so now we are a two Car Caché family! He keeps his brief case, water bottle and umbrella in his. Love it!
Susan LaBonte November 15, 2014