It’s very easy to install nice looking and very functional and durable. tan color match my color inside my Suburban LTZ everyone is asking me where did I get one.
Phyllis Stuck April 28, 2015
What a great idea. Never again will my purse spill. It really is wonderful.
Dinah Schwarz April 28, 2015
Love it !!!
Dr. Debra Mucic April 27, 2015
I LOVE this product.
I have a small suv and when family is with me, no place to put my purse. This works perfectly. My purse is right beside me if i need it, and no chance of it falling, etc. Was exactly as described.
Trish Gillette April 24, 2015
Simple and fabulous. Took only moments to install
and is extremely helpful. I often toss my purse on the center arm rest and it frequently falls off the back onto the floor. This simple gadget caches my bag and leaves more usable space on the arm rest.
Mlwdragons April 24, 2015
No more purse dumping!
This is a great invention! I was tired of my purse sliding into the back seat and dumping. My husband also likes it because it annoys him for my purse to be on the console when he’s driving, and with this it can be slid back out of the way, but still accessible–and not taking up my foot room on the floor!
lbdidoc April 22, 2015
Hace tiempo queria algo asi 😀
(For some time I wanted something like that)
krissia j. vasquez April 23, 2015
Great Idea, & Good Construction
It was priced a little higher than I would probably ever pay for something like it again, but it is very well made & works very well. It keeps my wife’s purse off of the armrest & out of my way, so that makes it a bargain at any price, I guess!!
Kevin K April 22, 2015
Simple to put on and keeps my giant mom bag in place! Love!
Jocelyn Charvet April 22, 2015