What a great product. Easy to install
I had ordered another product for my car and came upon the Car Cache through the other Amazon suggestion ideas. What a great product. Easy to install, convenient, safer and the perfect solution of what to do with my purse when I have a front seat passenger. Also, I even use it when I don’t have a passenger as to keep my purse off the front seat and out of direct view. I have ordered four so far for friends and relatives as gifts.
millie5806 December 29, 2014
Brilliant idea and works great!
MGMom December 26, 2014
I love the one I got so much that I had to get 2 more as gifts for my daughters.
L. Neville December 26, 2014
Genious and soo useful
I truly love this. It holds my giant Michael Kors grab bag with ease. I would not be without this ever again. Every woman should have one in her car.
Jennifer Varner December 26, 2014
Ladies this is the perfect thing for storing your purse.
It’s very well made and you won’t be sorry you purchased it. You guys out there should take a look at this product for storing things while you’re driving!
Angella Storno December 19, 2014
Brilliant! Who invented this and can I invest in your company?
I had it installed in less than 1 minute. My purse fits nicely in its new little perch. I can reach it easily while I’m buckled up. I love it!
Kathleen December 19, 2014
Every woman must have one of these.
It fits perfectly and holds my purse out of the way, no more putting it in the floor or passenger seat. This is a must!
L. Pierce December 18, 2014
The product is ingenious and the seller was perfectly prompt. It was an excellent transaction.
R. Moore December 18, 2014
Love it!
Now my “big” purses have their own space!
Linda P. Nessel December 17, 2014