Grandma January 05, 2015
Great product and excellent customer service.
I installed mine immediately and I love it! I don’t have to harass people sitting in the passenger seat to “hold my purse” any more. How nice for them and for me!

Thank you so much for the great product and the excellent customer service.

D. Palmer January 05, 2015
I love it.
Keeps my passenger seat empty, and my purse right where it should be. Why didn’t I think of it!!!
Barbara Pilger January 02, 2015
Perfect item and very quick shipping! Item works exactly as I hoped it would! Thanks!
R. Stinnett December 31, 2014
This is amazing! Love it!
Connie Simmons December 31, 2014
Cousin and Sis’-in-law and everyone loved theirs! When they realized what it was.
Gave 7 as Christmas gifts to Moms, Aunt, Cousin and Sis’-in-law and everyone loved theirs! When they realized what it was, their faces lit up and they all said – “this is a great idea, I love this!
Janet December 30, 2014
Keeps my purse next to me and off the floor and I don’t have to readjust my life when someone is in the passenger seat. Easy to ‘install’ – just attaching two ring clasps to the headrests and pulling bottom tie under the console lid. (My console hinge couldn’t accommodate the tie clasp so I just took it off and tied a knot – no big deal.) Wish I would have thought of this. This should be an option with new cars!
n.n. December 30, 2014
E. Lewis December 29, 2014
Perfect solution for where to put my purse in my SUV
My SUV has almost everything but was not designed with women in mind. Where I put my mom purse was a constant source of contention for everyone else that rides in my car. This keeps my purse out of the floor and out of my way. It is a great idea. Stays on the console and the passenger doesn’t have to put their feet on it. I was worried it would move around but it doesn’t. Kids say it doesn’t bother them in the back either.
Kay December 29, 2014