This is the perfect solution for an everyday problem. I don’t know what I ever did without one!
Holly M Daquioag January 14, 2015
Works great.
L. Armistead January 14, 2015
Get one! Give one!
Excellent easy to install … wonderful to use!
Amazon Customer Texas January 12, 2015
Great product
I bought this for my sister as a Christmas gift and she loves it. She always put her bag on the passenger’s side floor and it was always getting stepped on and dirty from the floor, and it was in the way of the passengers feet/legs. This solved the problem. She has a Nissan Altima and it works great. I was afraid the bag would slip off the back but it doesn’t. It stays in place and holds the bag on the console and it stays out of the way of the driver and passenger. I am going to buy one for myself when they are back in stock. Great product.
Josephine Giordano-Smith January 12, 2015
I really love this fits nice in my van no more purse on floor but it was a little costly..but sometimes you have to pay the cost if you want.
V. Bell January 12, 2015
Everything as described … I love this, no more groping for my purse on the floor!
J. Dare January 12, 2015
There are just those moments where you are soooo grateful that an idea that works so well, and so needed, for us ladies, was invented by a lady. Thank you thank you. Yes arrived just when they said; great bang for buck
G. Smith January 12, 2015
Outstanding Product
Awesome purse holder! Keeps purse within reach while preventing it from falling. Don’t have to put purse in passenger seat only to slide onto floor when stopping. Or placing it in the rear floor where it’s hard to reach. I bought the tan which matches the gold interior of my RAV4 beautifully. Also purchased one in black for a friend. Highly recommend this product! Would be nice to see it in other colors, grey comes to mind since my friends car interior is that color. Thank you for designing a great product!
B. Duffy January 12, 2015
love it!
Got it for myself for xmas. Works perfect!
Larina Dodds January 11, 2015