I recommend it to all of my clients.
As a Professional Organizer, I am always looking for ways to make my life easier. This product is one of my favorites! I recommend it to all of my clients! I no longer have to reach for by handbag on the back seat or the floor. I no longer have spilled items all over the passenger seat. My console is available when I need it and I can focus on driving! This product keeps my handbag out of the way yet readily accessible. BRILLIANT! It is SO easy to attach – and very affordable. You will wonder how you lived without it!
Tami D Doling January 24, 2015
Definitely recommend getting one
Does exactly what it said it would…keeps my purse off the floor so it’s close at hand and doesn’t get stepped on by backseat passengers. Well thought out and designed.
Rachel Nielsen January 23, 2015
Great for holding my purse when I have a passenger.
It also keeps my purse off the floor which is wet in winter!
J. Fager January 23, 2015
Terrific Invention, works as described, takes care of expensive handbags.
Everyone woman should have one of these. I just got a new(ish) Nissan LEAF. It’s quite compact inside, and I carry a large Coach bag. The Car Caché was the perfect solution for me. LEAFS have front opening consoles and it fits exactly as pictured. Note to Car Caché inventor: Come up with a way to secure it to cars that have side opening consoles! My LEAF is my 2nd car, and I’d love to have a Car Caché in my first car, too.
CubicleJockey January 21, 2015
Works great
J. Ross January 21, 2015
Car Caché is the best!
Life changing! Just bought another for a gift. How can something so simple make such a difference in your daily life? My purse is no longer dirty from being on the dirty wet car floor, in the way of my front seat passenger, or out of my reach when I need it (drive thru etc). I can’t say enough about this ingenious product. Every car needs one!
Don’t think twice, order now….you will love it.
Susan January 17, 2015
I love this item. I saw a short commercial on this product about 5 months ago and did not get the name or where to get it. I went on line trying to find it could not find it anywhere. Finally found it on Amazon. I bought two of them. One of them was for my best friend and one for me. We were in her car when I got them. I put it in her car first and she loved it. Everything she used to put on the floor board when we went anywhere together, was where it was convenient to reach. When I came home I put it in my car. I love it. I would recommend it to both men and women. Everyone could use this. Catherine made a wonderful product, easy to install and so useful.
Jo Ann Wrenn January 17, 2015
What a great invention! Love how it holds my purse in the area where I can reach it easily and it not tip over and spill etc. Brilliant idea now just need to figure out how to make one for roll top consoles for my 2015 Toyota Highlander :o)
S. McDaniel January 17, 2015
Love it…finally a place for my purse in the car.
K. Elwess January 16, 2015