Pure genius!
Genius invention! A must-have for “Moms on the go” or commuters or just anyone who doesn’t want to take up space in their passenger seat. It keeps my purse and diaper bag within easy reach. No more waiting until I stop at a traffic light to reach my phone or tissues or lipgloss – whatever I need. It’s right there handy (safer) AND it’s not in danger of falling over and spilling the entire contents all over the floorboard! My husband was skeptical at first but even he agrees that it makes traveling easier because there is a dedicated place for my “monstrous” purse!
Rachel Scarvey February 05, 2015
No more putting my purse on the dirty, wet
Yes! There is finally a solution to the “where do I put my purse” problem! No more purse contents spilling out when making a turn. No more husband rolling his eyes when I ask him to hold my purse. No more putting my purse on the dirty, wet, floor mat when he whines too much! Every car should have one of these!
Karen H. kFreedman February 05, 2015
Great Idea!
It’s a great idea and a well made product. It’s sometimes awkward to twist around to get my purse in or out of it, but the thing works very well, looks good, and seems durable.
cbharvest January 30, 2015
Best thing i ever spent $25 on!
Pricey – yes, but worth it. Wish I could buy them for all my friends.
Amazon Customer January 30, 2015
L. Hamm January 30, 2015
Thank you for an excellent transaction. Love the product.
M. Tainter January 30, 2015
A must have!
K. Woodard January 28, 2015
Just awesome – Regardless of car size!
Super AWESOME! Just installed it and it is perfect. I am able to open my console as well! Just perfect! I have a GMC Yukon and it’s a big car, but no place to put my purse where I can get to it without having a wreck. My Mom saw it last night and I will be getting her one as well! We pulled mine out for her car which is quite a bit smaller, a Toyota Rav 4 and it works just as well. Her purse is in a much friendlier spot for her! Pure GENIUS! One thing to note about colors….Mom and i both have tan interiors but they are different shades. The tan works well for Mom’s RAV 4 but is just enough off for my Yukon. Keep this in mind when you order…if your car is more of a neutral beige (or “stone” beige) then this is not the tan for you.

I just LOVE it and truth be told, I would buy it even if it were purple with pink polka dots! 🙂

MaryGladys January 26, 2015
Works just as seen….l recommended this product to the women drivers at my job. We all hate putting our pocketbook in the back seats of our cars.
Brenda Stowers January 24, 2015