Have a purse? Then you must buy this for each car and friends.
Every vehicle should have one of these! My belongings are no longer rolling on the floor since my purse isn’t falling off the seat upside down.
I need one for every car and will also buy it as a gift for my bffs.
Thomas Gaudette March 03, 2015
The Car Caché is wonderful.
No more having to put my purse in the back seat when someone is in the passenger seat.
sallysue March 03, 2015
Great product!
My wife has a Kia Sorento that she loves, but was constantly complaining about having a place to put her purse whenever she had a passenger. After looking around, I found this gem on Amazon, an bought it based on the ratings. My wife loves it! Two of her friends wanted to know where she got it within days of putting it in her car. Great product!
Chris March 03, 2015
Works great.
S. Strazz March 03, 2015
I bought this because of the reviews, and my wife loves it!!!
F. Kennedy March 03, 2015
It is so nice to have a place to put my purse when there is someone in the passenger seat.
C. Frey March 03, 2015
I love the way it holds my pocketbook and I have a BIG one. Would buy from again.
B. Sawyer February 27, 2015
I recommend this product.
I recommend this to other people with crossovers when you have someone sitting in the front seat it’s nice to be able to put your purse on the console and not have it be in the way of the passenger.
Suzanne G. Petersen February 26, 2015
It was easy to put on
This thing really does work…
olliesmom February 27, 2015