HIGHLY RECOMMEND ! ! ! 🙂 previously had the original version(w/o pocket) and it has like 4 years.. excellent quality, still like new! but I changed it for the new one because of the pocket. if you use a small handbag, crossbody. like me, it will fit on the pocket, thought it would be like really small because of the reviews but is a large pocket as same size of the mesh.
MaFernanda 6/12/17
Great product
Jeanette 6/8/17
I love this! Finally found a way to keep my purse off the car floor. Good for small packages too. I have had SUV’s for 30+ years and wish this had been around that long also!
P.L. Alexander 5/29/17
Easy to set up!
Patricia Noyes 5/29/17
Product arrived on time and was everything I expected.
Tammie 5/24/17
Good service, fast delivery.
John Schroeder 5/23/17
Quick shipping. Good customer service. Like the product!
Amy K Buss 5/19/17
All good, thanks!
Gary O’Brien 5/17/17
It fits well and does what I expected. I like it alot.
Ana Herrera 4/30/17
I bought one of these for my mom for Christmas, she had my dogs in the back of her SUV, and they broke it so this was a repurchase. She really likes it. The only gripe she has is it’s hard to get her purse inside the netting, she sometimes needs help. She does carry small purses though, mine would never fit in there. Nice idea for a small purse.
Your Response: Thank you for your business! Please watch the 53 second installation video at getcarcache.com to see that the purses do not go into the pocket – None of mine would fit into that 🙂 The pocket is for small items. Just loosen the straps enough to form a cup/hammock behind the console for her to toss her purse into. If the space between the seats is too small she may need to toss her purse in vertically – as long as most off the weight and purse lands in the Car Cache it should still work fine in keeping her purse accessible, upright, clean, and out of everyone’s way. Any questions please do not hesitate to text or call me at (859) 912-2747 Catherine Seifert, Inventor of Car Cache.
Tara 4/17/17
I like it and fits real good. Thanks!
Jolene koehler 4/15/17
Perfect size!
Becky Richardson 4/5/17
I love my Purse Pouch! My kids got it for my birthday! Now I need something to hold my lunch box lol
Lisa Sandone McCausland March 30 2017
I bought one and it is awesome!!!! So happy with it!
Lynda Wakuluk Hovell March 25 2017
I bought one and love it.
Ann Agardi Nobis March 23 2017
Great transaction!
Heidi Macfarlane 3/23/17
Very happy with the product. Super fast shipping!
Lori Meek 3/23/17
Quality item & prompt delivery.
Nancy Styles 3/18/17
This car cache works and attaches just as seller says. Very easy to install. I would not recommend trying to remove anything from the pocket on the cache while you are driving. You have to twist your body to reach in the pocket. If someone is riding in the passenger seat, the cache is great for holding my purse. I have a larger purse and I sit it there length wise. I love it.
Bonnie Haas 3/7/17