Awesome Purse Keeper!
I received the Car Cache as a gift from a friend. This is a nifty product to buy if you are looking for a quick place to stash your purse or any object that you made need quick access to while driving a car. It’s a simplistic to install, clamps onto the headrest and ready to use in minutes. I no longer have to reach to the back seat or the passenger floor to get to my purse. I highly recommend purchasing this product. You will love using it once you have it!
Garingo June 24, 2014
This should be a standard accessory for all car manufacturers
I am in my sixties and have purchased 7 for myself and friends, who have then purchased for their friends and families.
I love that I can access my purse easily and that my car feels uncluttered by not having my purse sitting on the passenger seat.
Also when I pick up friends my purse is not in their way. This should be a standard accessory for all car manufacturers.
Gay June 25, 2014
Fantastic product!
If you have bucket seats, and the right kind of center console, you will love this. I was always having to put my purse on the floor, or hold it on my lap (if I wasn’t the one driving). With the Car Caché my purse has its own “home.” Not only that, since I don’t carry a really large purse, I also have room to lay my jacket or sweater in the Car Caché.

I loved this so much that I bought 2 more for friends.

Susan Rollison June 16, 2014
No spill, no reach quick save car accessory
There are times when I need to get something out of my bag for one of my kids and they have magically gone blind and cannot see my bag in the backseat with them.

That’s why I was geeked when I first saw Catherine Seifert’s Car Caché at a blogging event hosted by Ricart MegaMall.

The Car Caché fits in between a cars two front seats and holds a purse and much more. It requires that the vehicle has a front center console with a cover that opens from the front as well as the driver and passenger side headrests must have accessible posts. It’s very easy to install with these simple instructions.

I lovvvveee my Car Caché. I agree with another happy owner who says insurance companies should give discounts to every person who installs one in their vehicle. It’s not only a great place for your purse, but I’ve put my kids snacks there, making it easier for them to share. I keep the ad papers I need for the errands I’m running at any particular time there with my purse. When I’m traveling I keep any information and my planner right there in the Car Caché where I can easily reach it.

Ebeth June 14, 2014
More Great Amazon Reviews

Very prompt delivery, but I do have Amazon Prime, so delivery should be in 2 days. BTW…..LOVE this item, it works great!

Arrived day before guaranteed delivery date, item as described and nicely packaged.

Amazon Reviews June 07, 2014
Just what I needed!
There is just not enough room to put a purse in a small car if there are others riding with you….except at your feet (DANGEROUS) or on the passenger side’s feet (Not convenient or very nice). I need an alternative and the Car Caché fits the need! Not a very complicated item to install, or for that matter, to make, but it is very affective. I wish I had thought up this product!
VS June 07, 2014
Absolutely Recommend! I LOVE mine!
Once in a while you find a product that makes you think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” This is one of those! If you have bucket seats with a storage trap in the middle this is for you! No more purse on the floor. No more purse on the seat next to you that flies across the car when you have to slam on your brakes! This product delivers and so does the company. After a minor issue the company not only rectified my situation but went above and beyond in doing so. That’s the service you expect from an American company and that is lost a lot in today’s competitive world! Buy and enjoy! I’ll be back for more as gifts. Totally exceeds my expectations!
Craftyagentmom June 05, 2014
Simple to install, very well made. I bought one for myself, my daughter, and my 2 daughters-in-law. It fits all types of cars with a center console and is easy to reach your purse when needed.
Skin June 03, 2014
Why I love the Car Caché purse storage
I love this no longer trying to retrieve my purse from the back floorboard. Also gave one to my daughter.
Patsy Cline June 03, 2014