Works as advertised
I bought this for my wife and she is very pleased with it. Although it comes with instructions, the video on their web site was a great help.
Left New York July 08, 2014
I LOVE my Car Caché
This product has made my car feel roomier by having a standard place to put my purse, getting it out of the way of my passengers. This means that I don’t have to worry about where to put my purse when someone is in the passenger seat or the back seat is full. On days when I’m off to meetings, the Car Caché helps me be organized by putting everything I need in it. I simply put my purse, iPad and umbrella (on rainy days) in the Car Caché I have it all together in this compact space. I highly recommend this product.
Jane Vanderhorst July 07, 2014
Love this – wish I found it years ago!
I love this. Just ordered another for my daughter’s car. So nice to have my purse with me AND out of the way!
Linda July 07, 2014
Wonderful idea!
Keeps your purse safely next to you and off the dirty floor mats when you have passengers.
Chris Henry July 07, 2014
I always have easy access. It is high quality material
This is one product that has helped ease stress in my life while driving. My purse was constantly falling over before I bought the Car Caché. I broke my IPhone as a result. Now it is secure all the time. I always have easy access. It is high quality material which makes it very sturdy. I will have it for years and have already given it as a gift.
Judy S. July 03, 2014
“Car Cachè is my favorite car accessory.
It gives me a place to put my gadget bag and finally stops my car from complaining about my “phantom” passenger.”
John Bentley July 02, 2014
Thanks for inventing this!!! It’s great 🙂
Ok, I admit to trying to be cheap and use something similar to do the same thing. No dice. It didn’t hang or hold right. I finally caved and bought this for my new car, and I have not been disappointed lol. Does what it’s supposed to. My husband makes fun of me for all the gadgets I’ve gotten for my new car, but I couldn’t be happier. Thanks for inventing this!!! It’s great 🙂
Trish June 30, 2014
I just bought a second one!
Cheryl Stamm June 30, 2014
Cool idea!
Awesome product! Great seller! Totally recommend! This was very easy to install, even if you don’t read the instructions! Great idea.. I can’t tell you how many times my son has stepped all over my purse! Great price, well worth it! You must have a center console or it won’t work… Keep that in mind!
Amy June 26, 2014