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I just love not having my purse on the floor
I think it works just as the other reviews have stated. I’ve had no issues with it and my purse stays put while driving. My only issue is I am very short and my husband is tall, so we adjust the driver’s seat all the time. I do have to make a small adjustment on the straps when he drives. I had thought this could be an issue when I purchased the product. I just love not having my purse on the floor.
Coco February 24, 2015
I love it! In fact everyone who’s been in car love it.
One of my employees saw it and was intrigued. She thought it was fantastic…she said “you need to buy some of these, put them in a bag in your trunk and carry blank cards, everyone can use one of these“. She’s right, it’s great. My plan is to buy them for my female co-workers.
Haley Congdon February 23, 2015
Wonderful safety net for purse
Met my expectations. Cannot get used to purse staying put without it sliding down to the back floor. Best thing ever came up with. No more germs from car floor. More space for passengers feet! Purse is always within easy reach when i need something. Made of strong/sturdy material too. Thank you Car Caché.
Ray-Ray February 23, 2015
Love it. Took a while to remember it’s there but so much handier & cleaner than the seat (front or back) or the dirty floor.
Amazon Princess February 23, 2015
Received product on time and in excellent condition. Very pleased.
R. Nash February 23, 2015
Works well, would recommend to others. Installed easily within a few minutes.
D. Beggs February 16, 2015
Terrific product and customer service
Got the tan car purse storage. Bought one for a friend after she fell in love with mine. This is terrific and works exactly as described. Corresponded with the owner who was wonderful to deal with and got an answer on a weekend, much to my surprise. Can’t go wrong with this product, a 5 star for sure.
CS February 16, 2015
I love this handy little invention. I never have to worry about my purse spilling out of the seat now. I arrive with everything intact. When someone’s riding in the passenger seat there’s never a question of where to put my purse so it’s not in their way. I highly recommend this.
Cathy Sweeney February 13, 2015
Perfect Wife LOVES it.
GU February 13, 2015