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2018 Mom’s Choice Award – Gold Level Honoring excellence in family-friendly media, products and services.

moms choice award 2018Mom’s Choice Awards is excited to announce another post in our interview series where we chat with the inventors, designers, publishers, and others behind some of our favorite family-friendly products. We were fortunate enough to speak with Catherine Seifert, inventor if the award-winning Car Caché. Click here to read more.

UpStart Cincinnati/Aviatra event to share triumphs

Car Caché® participated with other highly successful entrepreneurs at the UpStart Cincinnati/Aviatra event to share triumphs and challenges of owning your own business. Moderated by Charisse Gibson, Fox19 Now anchor.

From Dream to 100,000 Retails within Two Years

Catherine shared her journey from applying for the Patent, Amazon’s call to set up a store for the Car Cache, signing with one of the largest consumer licensing firms in the US, to receiving the Patent and taking back control to sell the Car Cache on her own.

U.S. Patent 9,428,115 awarded for Car Caché’s unique design.

Watch Silver Lining Organizers talk about Car Organization

on Living Dayton (WDTN TV)

– including the coveted Car Caché Check out the blog:

The Joyful Organizer Reviews the Car Caché

“Ladies, you’re going to love this product. The Car Caché is something you didn’t know you needed until now…” Check out the blog:

Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide by Budget Bandit features our Car Caché!

“This is such a fabulous and unique product! And it makes the perfect gift for dad. Car Cache is a hammock type organizer that fits snugly between the front two seats allowing you to put items that you would normally put on the floor board, the passenger seat next to you or in the back seat at the perfect arms reach. Whether it be a bag of chips, his man bag, or your purse…say good bye to reaching to get what you need. ” Check out the blog:

2014 National Parenting Publications Award – Car Caché™ Receives Silver Award!

Why we are So Surprised! The NPPA has been evaluating products for Parents for 20 years. NAPPA’s independent panel of expert judges and parents stringently test and evaluate hundreds of submissions and choose only the best of the best. Products are judged on Innovation, Safety, Quality, Educational Value(??!!) and the degree to which they assist busy parents and families. (NPPA is part of the organization that owns 30 Parenting Magazines throughout the US) Our surprise is – knowing that they like to focus on the Educational Value – which our product really doesn’t address – we scored higher in the other categories to overcome that category’s requirement and win the Silver Award! They actually stated “Love this product.” and “So glad you won!”

“Car Caché, my purse’s new bff!” per Flower Croons Blog

What I absolutely love about this product: 1. It blends right in. It is completely unobtrusive when not in use so I don’t need to remove it unless I want to use it in other cars. 2. I can use it with big bags and small bags. All I have to do is adjust the strap length. 3. It doesn’t matter how far back the passenger seat reclines, the straps on the Car Caché adjust easily and quickly. This is a huge bonus for me since I keep the driver seat close and upright, while my family tends to keep the passenger seat pushed further back and reclined. 4. My car feels less small, less claustrophobic and less cluttered. I actually feel like there is more room because my bag isn’t awkwardly taking up so much space. Bottom line: It is a real solution to a real problem. Read More at

I Save AtoZ Found an Ingenious way to Use the Car Caché!

I hosted a Car Cache’ Review and Giveaway a while ago and it was so popular that I’m doing it again! … I absolutely love my Car Cache’! I had to get another one for my husband’s car… we love it when we pick up fast food and place the bag in the Car Cache’ so we all have equal access to the french fries! … Here’s another use we have found for it. On long road trips my kids love to watch movies on the iPad in the car. My kids have cleverly utilized the Car Cache’ to create a stand for the iPad so that everyone can equally see the iPad screen in the bad seat! No more fighting! … The more we use it the more ways we find it can help us! Read More at

The Car Caché featured AGAIN by Simply Organized- gained well over 1,000 Give-away entries in the first 48 hours!

“ it’s an awesome solution for containing your handbag, backpack, work bag, and more in the car…. The Car Caché has been the answer to holding not only my purse, but now my heavy workbag too… Since I’m now heading out to client’s homes, my workbag has been close at hand and my Car Cache has been a 3rd hand in the car…a simple solution you easily install between the driver and passenger seats. With this smart design, it eliminates the need to stretch to grab your purse off the floor or deal with spilled contents. “ See more at:

“I lovvvveee my Car Caché,” says Elizabeth, 31 Days Early I Rise blog author

It’s “where I put my purse, ads, planner, when I’m driving! I am so totally enamored with this ingenious product, I think every car should have one.” See why 31 Days Early I Rise blog says you shouldn’t ride without the Car Caché!

Checkout WCPO – 9 On Your Side’s interview with the inventor of the Car Caché, Catherine Seifert!

“The Mommy factor: Inventor Catherine Seifert has high hopes for new product, Car Caché Bloggers raving about purse storage system” See more at:

The Car Caché™ was featured on Mod Vive Holiday Gift Guide 2013: Gifts for the Adults On Your List

“What woman do you know who actually has a good place to put their purse? Can’t think of one? That’s because they haven’t heard of the Car Cache” See more at:

The Car Caché™ was featured in the December issue of the @Cbus Chic eNewsletter: Women & Empowerment

“The Car Accessory Women Should Know About”. Read more here

The Car Caché™ was featured on Simply Organized

“I LOVE this idea / product and I know you will too!” says Samantha, blogger for Simply Organized. To see what else she has to say check out her blog:

The Car Caché™ was featured on Splash Magazine – Holiday Vehicle Gifts 2013 – Holiday Vehicle Gift Guide

“Inconspicuous and Hugely Effective for Purse Storage in the Car” Click here to read more.

The Car Caché™ was featured on The Traveling Praters Blog

“The Car Caché Makes Car Purse Storage a Cinch.” “The Car Caché is definitely one of those items you had no idea you needed until you use it and then wonder how you managed without it.” Read more here.

Catherine Seifert, Inventor of Car Caché™ was featured in Inventors Digest, Next Big Zing by Dana Cohen

Click the image to read the article.

The Car Caché™ made Cincy Chic “editors choice” list in the Seasonably Chic Gift Guide!

We were chosen as a top 5 favorite from the showcase over the weekend that featured 40+ vendors. Read more here.

Car Caché™ was featured on Organizing Military Moms.

Do you ever get sick of having your purse getting stepped on while it’s sitting on the dirty ground of your car? Catherine, creator of the Car Caché, brings to us a girl’s dream come true of innovation and convenience. (learn how she easily installed the Car Caché™ without a center console!) Read more here.

Catherine Seifert, Inventor of Car Caché™ , was featured on the Women Inventorz Network radio show, The Next Big Zing with Dhana Cohen and Melinda Knight.

Listen in at the 29 minute mark:

Car Caché™ was featured on Dayton Parent Magazine’s blog

“I have used the Car Caché for about a week and I cannot imagine life without it! I use it for my handbag, shopping bag, jacket and lunch tote! My kids use it as well for their backpacks and sports bags. Everyone who sees it wants to know what it is and where I got it! This invention will make your life easier every day! Dayton Parent Magazine and Silver Lining Organizers have teamed up with Catherine and are giving away one FREE Car Caché! “

Car Caché™ was featured on “i $ave On Everything From A2Z” blog

I cannot believe how excited I got over this new organizer called the Car Cache! If you have yet to hear about it, let me be the first to tell. It’s a simple little contraption that allows you to have your purse (or anything else) in reach while driving. Read more:

Amazon Reaches Out to Car Caché™

On Tuesday morning September 24th 2013 Lisa Woodruff, Expert Organizer and Author of Blog, presented the Car Caché to over 25 Organization Bloggers. During her presentation these women were tweeting and blogging letting the world know of our new invention (this was our very first national exposure!). After lunch, Amazon Headquarters in Seattle called to see if THEY could put up a store FOR US on their site! They had seen the tweets and blogs, went and looked at our website and Facebook and stated, “This is going to be big.” They stated “No need to go through the normal automated process – we’ll email you an easy excel spreadsheet to fill in and they will take care of the rest.”! Our Amazon store is up and ready to take orders! Thank you Amazon!

The Car Caché is featured on Organize365 Blog: Where do you keep your purse in your car?

…in my hubby’s car, or when riding with friends, it is quickly apparent that car designers have not designed a place for your purse! Read more

The Car Caché is featured on Good Day Columbus’ Blog: Car Gadgets and Organization Tips!

An in-car purse storage accessory that just hit the market, and is actually made at Columbus Canvas Products (located right outside downtown Columbus)! It keeps your handbag within reach, yet out of the way!

Fox 28 Good Day Columbus, WSYX ABC 6, featured the Car Caché!

Fox 28 Good Day Columbus, WSYX ABC 6, featured the Car Caché on Amy Scalia’s “Queen of Chic” segment Friday, September 6th. Her quotes on the Car Caché were, “Awesome product!” and “I love it!”. We were thrilled to be a part of the show and spread the word about the organizational uses of the product! Check out the segment here and let us know your thoughts!

The Car Caché’s First Retail Store…Finishing Touches in Jasper, Indiana

The Car Caché has just been picked up by its first retail store: Finishing Touches, a high-end accessory store located in Jasper, Indiana! Thank you Finishing Touches and Gina Scherle, General Manager, for your enthusiasm and support for the Car Caché!

The Car Cache and it’s creator Catherine Seifert

making their debut on Fox 19. Click here if you missed it:

Bill Cunningham, President of and Catherine Seifert

Bill is our First Paying Customer!! He purchased two Car Cache’s for Mother’s Day.