About Us

How a busy Mom created the answer to the car handbag storage dilemma.

Catherine SeifertThey say that necessity is the mother of invention, and this is no different for the creator of the Car Cache®, Catherine Seifert. Perplexed that there was no specific place to store her bag while driving, keeping it clean and easily accessible, Catherine was determined to solve this dilemma. As with most inventors, inspiration struck at just the right time, and Catherine’s idea for the Car Caché® was born.


As the consummate entrepreneur, Catherine enthusiastically set about creating her very first Car Caché – in true inventor fashion – on her dining room floor.  After several months of trials by women of all ages and backgrounds, Catherine knew she had the perfect solution for women drivers everywhere to keep their handbags free from dirt, spills, and damage and more accessible than they have ever experienced.


The first day of launch outside of Cincinnati, a professional organizer, Organize365, was Skyping to over 20+ professional organizers throughout the US sharing organizing tips as well as the Car Caché.  Evidently, they began to blog and tweet about the product, and after lunch Amazon’s Automotive Executive saw them and called Catherine to see if his team could put a store up for her because, “This is going to be big!”.  Eight months later Catherine signed with one of the largest consumer products licensing firms in the US.  They sold over 1,000,000 units in a little over a year!  Upon receiving a Patent, Catherine decided to take the product back from the licensing firm so she can sell the Car Caché on her own.


Catherine was inspired not to start a business, but to help solve the problem of accessible car storage for everyone. For all her valued customers, the ingenuity and heart Catherine poured into her very first prototype is apparent in every Car Caché.