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Car Caché Installation

Quick and easy instructions for setting up your Car Caché®

Setting up your new Car Caché® could not be easier and only takes a few minutes. The Car Caché requires that vehicles have a front center console with a lid that opens from the front (via hinges – not sliding) as well as accessible posts on both the driver and passenger side headrests.  If your console opens from the side or in the middle you can use Command Hooks (the kind used to hand heavy picture frames) and stick them upside-down to the inside, back of the console to tie the strings around. To safely install, follow these steps:

Step 1: Wrap strings around console lid tightening the slider against back of console. Then tie a knot to keep from slipping over time. If the slider interferes with closure of the lid, just remove the slider and tie a knot.

Step 2: Take the carabiner clips across the Front of the Front Seats and attach to the headrest posts Closest to the Doors.

Step 3: Adjust the straps to form a cup/hammock behind the console to allow for easy insertion and removal of the purse. Narrow space between seats? Just toss your purse in vertically so that most of it is resting in the ‘cup’ – part of the purse will lay on the console with most of the purse and weight residing in the Car Caché. The pocket is perfect for miscellaneous items such as gloves, umbrellas, charging cords, small toys, tissues, etc.